Tis The Season

Yes, better get started on my Christmas cards now so I can also be in the spirit to decorate around the house. My three teenage kids would be laughing at me if I got my Christmas decorations out too early, but I heard that two months in advance is O.K!For this card, I put to practice what I learnt from Jennifer Rzasa and Debby Hughes; stamping the tree in ombre inking and using the Woodgrain Bark specialty paper as a border. It's my first time using this Modern Fox stamp set, and I'm impressed by the result, the strokes on the tree stamp gave it depth and such a realistic look. Needless to say, the fox was a three-step simple layering process and was the main attraction. I didn't have the word dies to create the textured background, so I stretched my products and used the Small Moments stamp and die instead. Scene cards are quite challenging for me, but this turned out to be a sweet surprise, a beautiful Christmas with natural surrounding and sparkling snowflakes effects f…

Demystifying Mixed Media

Hello friends, I'm back again with a stunning fun-filled card to share with you. Tania Ahmed was the instructor for this class, and she shared with us so many valuable tips and techniques. One of the methods that I applied to this card was mixing my shimmer spray ink with embossing paste to create a bold texture plus sprinkling translucent pearl embossing powder on top for a magical theme. Tania's project inspiration was true to its word INSPIRATIONAL! There was not much planning for this card, but just full of fun play, Altenew products seem to go well together as the name suggests, from Enchanted Gold Wax Beads to Enchanted Gold Metallic Thread. This Christmas colour scheme that I've chosen is beyond the traditional, yet I love every step of my happy experimental card. I have to say my new top 3 favourites from Altenew are their Translucent Pearl Powder, Shimmer Ink Spray and Wax Seal Stamp.
Instructions:On a 4" x 5 1/4" watercolour paper, spray Sunkissed, Coral…

Crafting 101 Alcohol Inks

Jessica Frost-Ballas taught this class, and I learnt from her how to swatch out my alcohol inks. After having done that, my work became so much easier and less time-consuming. One of her tips was to let go and not to try to control the ink; I must say however that I did a bit of each, by attempting to control it with my straw whilst also letting it go by allowing it to flow freely with the fade effect. This balance allowed me to achieve the beautiful petal-like effect in the background.
Cut out a piece of Yupo paper 3 3/4 " by 5", start dropping the alcohol ink Evening Gray in the centre, and then Ruby Red and Gold Shimmer for petals. Use an air spritzer or straw to blow the ink out and drop the blending solution around the outer petals for a fade effect.Choose a flower stamp that is similar in size to your abstract alcohol ink flower, stamp it and emboss it on vellum. Fussy-cut it out and adhere it on with glossy accents.Cut out a strip of white paper 6.5 cm by 2.5 cm and cu…

Clean & Simple Boutique Cards

Boutique Cards
Welcome back my crafty friends, this Boutique Card that I made is from my specialty paper (rock salt water colouring) leftover from my previous project. One of the techniques that were taught in this class by Jennifer Rzasar was to use high-end stationery. I was also able to incorporate vellum, glitter cardstock and a beautiful Dotted Scales debossing cover die for the background. 
Cut out three 3.5 cm by 3.5 cm from your rock salt paper. With a black marker go around the edges of the three squares.Cut out one 7.5 cm by 7.5 cm from black glitter cardstock.Use the terrific tags die set to cut out one piece from black glitter cardstock and one piece from rock salt paper.Use the Painted Butterflies stamp and die to stamp three butterflies on the rocksalt squares and one onto vellum. Cut the vellum butterfly out with its coordinating die and cut one extra butterfly out of rock salt paper to lay behind the vellum piece.Stamp the sentiment from Geo Frames onto the tag, mount th…

Creative Watercolour Media

Hi to all, I am so glad to be continuing onto my Level 3 courses with Altenew. Yes, I am learning lots of new things on the way, and perhaps soon when I gain more confidence, my goal would be to have a complete video of the process for my project.This project is about using simple household items to give my water colouring a new look!
Cut out two pieces of watercolour paper 4.5" x 6" then stick all sides down with washi tape. Use a spritzer to spritz water on both generously. While the paper is still wet drop the colours directly on and go back on forth as you need to darken any areas. With the first paper put a piece of cling wrap on top covering the whole surface, and the second sprinkle rock salt on top. Leave to air dry.With the first remove the cling wrap and cut out a feather die. Place the Halftone stencil on top and lightly spritz with Iridescent shimmer spray. (Then flip the stencil over to the rock salt paper to use the leftover shimmer on the negative side of the s…